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About ZIZ
The name ZIZ is short for Aziz which means 'Mighty'in Arabic. It was given to Chris by his big cousin when he was 16. Long story short, his cousin saw how he handled himself like no one else could have during an exceptionally tough time in his young life. The whole name given was Aziz Ghani Ahad which translates to The Mighty Self-Sufficient One. So shortly after his close friend and brother TMan started calling him ZIZ and it stuck.

Chris ZIZ Brown has more than 10 years of professonal personal training experience and over 20 years of 'lending' fitness knowledge. He is always willing to offer his expertise to whoever would listen and / or show up to work out with him.  He also has 30 plus years of participating in competitive sports. As a three sport athlete in high school (football, basketball and track) ZIZ was named All-Conference, All Area and State Honorable Mention in football. Honors were also earned in basketball as well as track. In basketball he participated in the inaugural Slam Dunk contest during State Finals. And in track his junior year participated in the State Track Meet for the long Jump. As well as his senior qualifying for the High, Triple and Long Jumps but was unable to attend due to tearing cartilage in his knee while practicing. His love for football and dreams of one day playing professionally lead him to signing for a full scholarship to Eastern Illinois University. After red-shirting freshman year ZIZ started the remaining four years at OLB, SS and last 2 years at Corner. If not for an ankle break mid way through his senior season his NFL dreams had a strong possibility of coming true. He rehabbed back strong worked out for more than half of the NFL teams, was invited to both Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos to meet with the staff as well as workout. Yet nothing came to fruition. A dream deferred….chapter closed.  Considered a genetic anomaly he always loved to work out and saw that it was easy to gain muscle mass and definition. With that being said, he thought, “Why not be the ‘product’ and provide assistance to those trying to better themselves physically?!” And that was the catalyst to what we have today…. ZIZ Personal Training - www.ZIZFITNESS.COM
  •      Certified Personal Training – ISSA (2002) (2014)
  •      Specialist in Nurtrition - ISSA (2014)
Now you can put ZIZ’s wealth of knowledge to work to help reach your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to add muscle mass, tone or lower your body fat ZIZ is ready to take you to the next level. BUT it all starts with YOU (your mind). So are you ready?!?!?
Durham, North Carolina - home based but services also provided in Atlanta, Chicago and surrounding area, Denver/Aurora Colorado, Los Angeles, California and Washington DC/Manassas, Virginia area, and presently in Afghanistan
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