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ZIZ posted after a quick lunch workout....
“Anything Accomplished 1st Begins In The Mind”  ZIZ
Personal Training at its BEST!!!
*** Go into ANYTHING!!!...SAYING and BELIEVING it’s already done … you just have to DO IT!!!***   ZIZ
My Passion - message from ZIZ
My passion is to help people achieve with getting their mind, body and soul (spirit) FIT so they can live a healthier active life! As a Certified Personal Trainer and a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, my purpose is providing the best information, fresh and up-to-date exercise technologies, nutrition as well as supplement information. I will provide you with all the tools to take your life to another level.
Commitment - Mine and Yours
“Anything Accomplished 1st Begins In the Mind.” The aforementioned statement goes hand in hand in overall lifestyle - mind, body and spirit.  To create greater balance in your life one must be CONSISTENT, make STRONG COMMITMENTS and must be DISCIPLINED to follow through with ‘what you put into existence’. All elements lead to a healthier lifestyle.
Health is a state of balance. – Health is an appropriate balance of the coordination of all of what we are (are is being mind rather than having mind). A healthy person has both a good orientation (sensoric system) and ability to act (motoric system). So if there is no balance between sensing and doing, then you are out of gear.”  Bruce Lee
Are you ready to transform your Life (Mind, Body and Soul)? If so contact ZIZ at zizonefitness@gmail.com Let me help you reach and live a healthier life - ZIZ.

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