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Ziz has proven that training someone virtually, does work. As someone who has worked with personal trainers in the past, I have found that his thorough and comprehensive approach to helping clients achieve their fitness goals is difficult to find. Ziz not only took the time to ask detailed questions about my current eating habits and fitness routine, he spent time tailoring both a workout routine and meal plan to my specific goals. It is clear that Ziz has a great deal of knowledge about what combinations of exercises work well together to help clients achieve maximum benefit, but he also knows a lot about nutrition and understands that working out, alone, is not enough to achieve optimal health and the body that you desire. Any clienT who is committed to following his meal plans and workout routines is guaranteed to see results -  and rather quickly! I also appreciated his check-ins and encouraging messages along the way, which are especially important when you are training with someone virtually. I would highly recommend Ziz to anyone!

Mr. Howard Redmond

Mrs. Saranja Hicks 

After several failed attempts to lose weight on my own and upon on doctor's recommendation I found a plan through Ziz.

After watching his workout videos, I knew Ziz could keep me motivated and challenged to stick to the program. They are trainers, and then there are TRAINERS, ones that live by what they want you to do. 

After confessing my challenges to Ziz, he created a meal and workout plan that kept me engaged.

Thank you for your help Ziz!

Hear from my satisfied clients...

Zizfitness has truly been a blessing in my life. I started my journey before knowing Chris was doing anything with fitness. I was looking through social media and happen to see him come across my page. We were cool in college and I already knew his personality, so I knew he wouldn't hesitate to answer any questions or further my knowledge on how to keep my journey going. Once I started joining his challenges and paying attention to his every mood and every word he spoke to me, I became a person with a new look on life with a new attitude. I hit some bumps in the road but as long as I was honest with him, he helped me cross that road as he is now doing with me again.

Thank you Ziz for your patience and support and for not judging me or allowing me to give up on me.


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I can transform ya...

Ms. Cocoa Randle 

'Anything Accomplished 1st Begins In The Mind' - ZIZ