ZIZ Fitness 

'Anything Accomplished 1st Begins In The Mind' - ZIZ


To sign up for some one on one, boot camp training or online consultation register on our contact page. We look forward to working with you. 



BootCamp Training

Challenge the person next to you. Challenge the person in the mirror (your only competition). Ready to sweat, grind, push yourself to places physically you would have never imagined? Come join our staff for some challenging FuN. Minimal rest classes to to get a GREAT WoRKout in when time is of the essence. 

Individual Workout Plans

If you prefer working out by yourself, do not need the one on one training or simply do not have the time, we can develop a workout regiment specifically for you and your goals which would include consultation. 

Individual Training 

If you are person who needs the one on one training, you have come to the right place. Our staff will accompany you on your fitness journey throughout the process. We will not just spend 2 or 3 sessions with you and send you off to the wolves. We will be right over your shoulder to answer any questions and or address any concerns. We pride ourselves on our personal approach for the duration.  

Client Vidz

Ziz Fitness, LLC. was formed in January 2009 by Chris ZIZ Brown. ZIZ has always been fitness conscious and decided to share his expertise to anyone needing assistance. His up close and personal approach to each client individual needs sets him apart from other trainers. He has been certified as a personal trainer for over 13 years and recently has added Specialist In Nutrition. 

Please read the testimonies to hear from happy clients and view the galley to see my impact firsthand. Will you be next?