​​Congratulations to Mrs. Kira Banks of St. Louis, MO. on winning the Fit For Life 77 Day Challenge

Mrs Saranja Hicks 

30 day goals - completely flatten abs, strengthen and tone arms and glutes - GOAL REACHED

60 day goals - continue to strengthen and tone entire body

ZIZFITNESS 90 Day BEST YOU Online Transformation Challenge Champ

Cocoa Randle

Day One 

Waist 33.3in

Hips 41.5in

Weight ???

Day Thirty 

Waist 29in

Hips 39in

Weight loss 4.8lbs

 Couples and Solo 30 Day Challenge

May 2016 - June 2016 

WoRk Put IN

Couples Champion

Mrs Saranja Hicks

Couples Champion

Mr Chris Hicks


An online fitness/nutritional journey with selected individuals. Each person had different goals and were given specific workouts as well as sample meal plans to assist with those goals. 

Mr Fredie Williams 

30 day goals - gain some weight, bulk in chest and arms, tone stomach and add definition to shoulders and back - GOALS ACHIEVED 

60 day goals - continue to gain more weight and have more muscle on entire body (desired weight 197LBS) - ON THE WAY TO ACHIEVING GOALS

Stay tuned for more photos of Mr. Williams

Mind, Body and Soul

30 Day Transformation Challenge 

July 18th - August 16th  

Mr Howard Redmond 

Start Weight - 245LBS

Current Weight - 230LBS

30 day goals - lose 10-12LBS, shrink belly fat and reduce body fat % - EXCEEDED

60 days goals - weigh 215LBS, improve bio metric screening results (blood sugar, cholesterol, borderline diabetic) - improved bio metric screening/currently working towards desired weight

Day One                 Chris               Day Thirty 

Biceps 16.5in                                16in

Chest 45in                                    46in

Waist 45 3/4in                              45in

Hips 47 1/8in                                48in

Thigh 27in                                    27in

Weight 263lbs                               256lbs

Day One              Saranja            Day Thirty 

Biceps 10in                                 10.5in

Chest 33in                                  33in

Waist 29 1/2in                            28.14in

Hips 35 1/2in                              35in

Thigh 21in                                   20.5in

Weight 122lbs                              119lbs

Solo Champion

Mrs Wizdom Powell - Brown 

Co Worker 90 Day Transformation Challenge 

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