Ziz Fitness, LLC.​


ZIZ...(Chris Brown)

aka Aziz Ghani Ahad aka Aziz Shango 

As far as I can remember fitness has been apart of my life. From playing 'front' yard football, tag, kickball and just running around, I have always been physically active. My first taste of organized sports was in 6th grade while competing in the broad jump and long jumps. I always felt I was a decent athlete so things came rather natural for me initially. Hard work, practice, practice and hard work soon followed which help me perform even better in sports. From 7th grade to 12th grade, I played football, basketball and ran and participated in track and field. I received a full athletic scholarship to play football at Eastern Illinois University. During my playing time there I had a lot of ups and one major down during my senior year. I broke my foot with 3 games remaining which required two screws to repair. Longevity for my dream deferred... Not For Long. 

Which brings me to the next chapter and the foundation for Ziz Fitness, LLC (without even knowing it). When I started working out in facilities outside of the stadium patrons would ask me questions about certain exercises, what did I do to get my forearms big, am I doing this exercise right and what body part does this equipment work to name a few. Always willing to assist one with fitness I answered their questions. From that point I decided to get certified as a personal trainer (2002). I have now been an pescatarian for almost 12 years. I never ate too bad so the switch was rather easy. Being that fitness and nutrition go hand and hand I decided to pursue a Specialist In Nutrition Certificate which I received in 2014. Now I am able to assist with both giving my clients balance. 

As I continue to write MY STORY, I would like to assist you with writing your story for better fitness and nutrition - Optimal Health.